Win - Python Not Showing Up in CMD

Technically I have 2 issues, but perhaps fixing the first one will help second.

In the 2nd Python Course Program video, Mosh asks you to use CMD prompt on windows to find Python. I have Python 3.8 installed and have even used it with PyCharm (as I was previously following the free youtube course Mosh has). When I use CMD, I get an error when typing in ‘python.’ It says “python is not recognized as an internal or external command, etc.”

How do i remedy?

My second problem, has to do with video 5 and using VS Code… when we hit ctrl-` to bring up the integrated terminal, when I go to type python and, it of course gives me same error as above…

Most appreciative for help!!!.. thank you


not sure why i’m sooo happy!!!.

In cmd when i type “py” that brings up the appropriate info re: python… AND, in VisualStudio, when i type “py” THEN it runs. Not sure why this is the case… maybe cuz i’m on Windows 7?.. idk.

Much LOVE!!