Complete Python Mastery: Lesson 5 - Terminals

Hi. I’ve just started using Python. In my terminal drop down I have the option to use python or cmd, however when I run the code it defaults to python each time so my code (when run) is not looking like Mosh’s.

I get this when I try to print hello world:
C:\Users\sk\Documents\HelloWorld>C:/Users/sk/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python39/python.exe c:/Users/sk/Documents/HelloWorld/
hello world

Doesn’t look clean, any advice on how to fix?

Also, any other windows users, to run the code ctrl + ` doesn’t work for me, is there a different shortcut to run the code?


as you can see, i get the similar path link like yours. it can be because we both use window

Thanks for verifying!