Python course Help

After I bought python course, when I create folder and create according Mosh taught. I cannot press ctrl+ ’ (the button under esc). How can I do with this? I use window.

Can you elaborate ? I am also taking the Python course (the one for developers), but I haven’t seen that part yet.

It’s on the 5th your first python program. Mosh taught how to run python with ctrl + ’ but I cant do that

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`What do you mean with ‘use window’ ? When I press ctrl-backtick it opens the terminal. In that terminal you can run the file with python3

The hotkeys vary from locale to locale. Just have a look at the View menu which hotkey is assigned for the Terminal.

press ctrl + ’
that’s the default key to open the terminal on windows

have u bought the course yet?

yes, I have the full monthly subscription with all the courses in it.

Have you found the answer to your question? If you’ve not, then the short key to open a terminal in windows are ctrl+shift+’ … (’ being the apostrophe key).

I hope this helps. Thank you.

Installed CODE RUNNER. Extension in vscode

For run you code with shortcut key use

Ctrl+shift+N or CTRL +N

You can change shortcut keyword in keyshortcut setting in vscode

Hello everyone,

I bought the Complete Python Mastery course. Does Code with Mosh offer practice exercises/questions that I can use to test myself and practice what I have been learning?

Thank you for your help.

you might need to do fn +ctrl +``````````````

yes each chapter contain exercise

Thank you for the response. Where can these exercises be found?