How can I solve this I am new in coding

the output says that command not found I tried to fix it but I couldn’t

It could be happening either because you don’t have python installed or the path to python is not set properly.

Try this link: VS Code can't find Python - Stack Overflow

Are you sure Mosh has used the VS code and not Pycharm for the python course? (I haven’t taken this course, just curious)

Yes he is using vs code
How can i set the path in mac

According to this GitHub issue, it could be some extension conflict (e.g. you have Code Runner extension and Python extension).

Whichever Mosh is using, you must have that one and disable the other.

Yes, Mosh has used VS code in python course

He uses VSCode in Python course.

The GUI python installer asks to set path for python on windows. There is a checkbox during python installation.

Is there anything similar for Mac? Just check.