What path should i take?

I come from a unity background. Before i started to learn unity i bought c# beginner course and c# intermediate course on udemy from mosh and i really liked them. I worked in Unity for about 6 months but is more like a hobby and i want to learn back end. So i finished the intermediate course again and now i subscribed here for all courses. What should i learn first? Should i start with fundamentals with java or continue with c# on back end path because i am used to code with c#?

I think it depends on your goals. The codewithmosh team has setup some suggested learning paths: Learning Paths | Code with Mosh

If you have not mastered fundamentals (eg. data structures and algorithms) it looks like the Fundamentals path is a good option. Otherwise pick which one you are most interested in: Frontend, Backend, or Mobile. From the description, the Backend path sounds like the right one for you (assuming you do not need more work on Fundamentals which is applicable for any language / path).

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Thanks for your advice , guess i will start with fundamentals to see if i can learn something new and then backend.