Software Engineering

Hello, if i want to be a software Engineer/Developer what course of Mosh should i take? Anyone can suggest a path where should i begin with and why?

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@Drakker There’s no single true answer to that. It really depends on what you want to do and what the job opportunities in your area are. You could start with checking the job ads. Or dabble in Mosh’s youtube courses to see if there’s something that you want to dive in deeper.

Mosh has a good learning path:

1- Fundamentals, which include:

  • In-depth knowledge of one programming language (C#, Java or Python…)
  • Data structures & algorithms
  • Design patterns
  • Git

2- Choose a Career Path:

  • Front-End (Html/Css, JavaScript…)
  • Back-End
  • Mobile

I recommend you look at the link above, you can even find all course you need for software engineering in Mosh site!