Confusion about how to select the learning path

I really want to learn front-end development and I have started my learning journey towards the goal but I also want to learn the data structure and algorithms as well.

can you please suggest whether I need to learn the data structure and algorithm first or complete my learning of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and go for the data structure part?

I suggest taking Java and then fundamental courses first

Then you’re on the front-end path and I suggest you complete that.

The language Mosh chose for the Data Structures and Algorithms courses is Java. So you’d need either basic Java knowledge or some months of experience in another programming language to be able to translate the Java examples into your language of choice (JavaScript in your case).

Learn Front end first. Why? Java and algorithm probably don’t mean anything to you at the moment. You won’t find a job with just that. Those are good skills to land a good job but if don’t know any language yet. You won’t even find a job. If you want the shortcut, check which framework for the front end and back end is most popular in your area. Learn that first then come back to the algorithem.

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