Need suggestions regarding js data structures and algorithms

I have Completed Ultimate JavaScript Part 1 and 2. For better solving problems do I take data structures and algorithms course?

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it’d definitely be related and you could, but that’s more for interview prep. I would if you have you learned typescript and maybe a framework or library first. Mosh’s learning paths are well thought out, also you could try some leetcode problems.


Hello, this is Gulshan Negi.
Well, first of all, congratulations on completing Parts 1 and 2 of Ultimate JavaScript!

Any software developer, regardless of the programming language they use, needs to be proficient in data structures and algorithms. They assist you in comprehending how to effectively organize and manipulate data, which is essential for resolving complex issues.
You will undoubtedly improve your problem-solving abilities in JavaScript by learning data structures and algorithms, as well as your overall programming abilities. Your programs will run faster and be more efficient as a result of your knowledge of designing algorithms that solve problems more effectively.
To enhance your capacity for problem-solving, I strongly encourage you to enroll in a data structures and algorithms course. There are numerous internet-based assets accessible that cover these subjects, remembering courses for stages like Coursera and edX. Moreover, there are likewise books and online instructional exercises that can assist you with learning these ideas.
Keep in mind that mastering data structures and algorithms requires time and practice and that learning them is an ongoing process. However, you can become an excellent JavaScript developer and proficient problem solver with persistence and dedication.


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