What is the meaning of "One level up"

In the HTML and CSS course video on hyperlinks, what does he mean by “One level up”? It seems a pretty simple concept but somehow I am still missing it.

Hey its Harvel, he is talking about directory paths

For instance from a child directory to up the parent dir, briefly it’s a path from an embedded folder upwards its parent

Hey @flite29 ,

As @Harvel has mentioned, “one level up” simply means moving from one folder to another. And to be more specific, moving from a child folder into the folder that is housing the child folder.

For example, if you have a folder called Weekly Tasks that contains a folder called Hobbies that contains a folder called Video Games, the path would look like this:

Weekly Tasks / Hobbies / Video Games

Moving “one level up” means going from, for example, Video Games into Hobbies or from Hobbies into Weekly Tasks. Hope this paints a clearer picture.

It’s like inception but with your documents files. A dream within a dream, or in this case a file within a file

I hope it helped having a movie reference that did not age well.