Dom in cs navigation bar- horizontal

Can any body tell me what is the meaning of below written lines:

DOM IN CS NAVIGATION BAR- HORIZONTAL with example using HTMl and css

What is the context of what you are doing or where you read that. It does not really make much sense. It would help to add a screenshot(s).

This is actually assignment that i have to prepare,

Ok, well that tells us what it is for but not the context around it. Is this an assignment instruction that was written down, is it an error or something you are seeing…where did you read it?

I think it is like this,
NAVIGATION BAR- HORIZONTAL with example using HTMl and css

no idea what you are referring to because you are not giving any context to what “DOM IN JS, NAVIGATION BAR - HORIZONTAL”.

All I can guess is you are trying to make some horizontal navigation bar, and perhaps using javascript to implement some functionality to it. This is a total guess so not sure. I was not given the assignment so I have no idea what the goal is.

I will first confirm it.

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The question is actually DOM in CSS. Creating Navigation bar using HTML and CSS

Try Horizontal Nav Bar Tutorial to learn a basic way to build one. For some reason they mention there are two ways, but there are MANY more. This is will you a basic way of doing it.

The DOM stands for Document Object Model, and is a representation of the HTML, and other web documents. This allows you to manipulate the document programmatically.

If you give stuck trying to implement this then just leave a message or even direct message me and I can help you out. Try to see if you can implement it on your own first though.