Urls first parameter in the path

I am new to Django and started with the initial steps in the tutorial. In the urls.py, the first parameter in the urlpatterns was ‘playground/hello’. I know playground is the directory we opened to create the app. What is hello in the path? It is neither the name of a directory nor a file name. But is a parameter in the path. Wish it was explained better

Its just the url path that goes in the address bar, so playground is the app and within the playground app is the hello page or function it can be what you choose like ‘playground/welcome’ or ‘playground/hello’ whatever but its just a url end point that is mapped to your view, in this case say_hello function

Thanks. I played around with it, read up here and there and figured this should be the case. I see that the “path” as I usually understand (i.e. directory path) is the one in settings.py and is imported from pathlib, whereas the path command in the urls.py is imported from the django.urls library. I suppose the latter path command deals with url paths and not physical paths. Hope my understanding is correct.