VS Code Alternative

I am trying to follow along with the the Python course, but none of the functions work in VS code. ie, Pylint is not even an option, even after reinstalling. Is there a usable alternative to VScode that I could follow along with and roughly get it as VS code is unusable

Can you elaborate on ‘not working’ ? I often have trouble properly installing Python modules, but the IDE you use does not really influence that.

Anyhow, I’ve used Atom and Anaconda for Python as well. If you’re interested in Data Science specifically you might want to use Jupyter Notebook.

Thanks for the reply @Anton2021 tbh I think it is a local issue. I tried everything on my old windows laptop and it works. But on my mac it is having none of it. But for me to actually be able to work with this it needs to work on my mac.
Basically the issues are all sorts ranging from PyLint not being even an option to install and regardless of the things I have tried it will not use Python 3 as default, although thats not really an issue, just need to remember to put 3 after everything.
I have totally uninstalled everything and re-installed but the same problems happen

I’d stay away of IDEs, and go for a text editor. But this is matter of personal preference.

I’d suggest you 2:

  1. ATOM. Open source and developed by github… https://atom.io/
  2. Sublime Text. A favorite of developers. One time payment. Worth every cent. https://www.sublimetext.com/

And google gave this option. https://nova.app/

At the end of the day, you have to try them, and decide which one fits your needs.

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