Visual "git bar" in Git course?

Can someone please redirect me to the place where I can download the Git plugin for my terminal? Have been looking through Mosh’s videoes and googling without finding it.

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Was wondering that same thing, spent some time trying to figure out Posh-git and chocolaty, but have not figured it out yet. Hope someone responds with a proper answer. @programmingwithmosh

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LOL, I look for the same but looks like I have some more information.
I looking for what theme is he using.

I know it is (for mac)

Look there Oh my zsh with autosuggestions & · GitHub

I edit the Agnoster theme to make it more suitable for me.

This was really helpful for me :slight_smile: : Customize Iterm 2 with ZSH and Powerlevel10k | ZSH Tutorial - YouTube

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