Prompt configuration of zsh shell used by Mosh

Hello, this is my first post, my name’s Ivan, I’m from Italy and for now I’m following Git course.

In that course Mosh uses zsh shell, I think he configured shell with Oh My Zsh! and Powerlevel10k theme; on my iMac and on my Linux PCs I use Oh My Zsh! with Powerlevel10k theme too but my prompt is different, does anyone know how to configure it the same as that used by Mosh? In particular I would be interested in coloring the different parts that form a command, for example: git in green, commit -m in white, “Remove unused code.” in yellow.
And what’s font does he use?

What you are asking for is called syntax highlighting. To enable it, you need to install

Thank you very much and merry Christmas! :smiley:

For anyone interested, I managed to get it close enough - I have uploaded my iTerm theme, fonts and powerlevel10k setup to Github:

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