Master Git Course Terminal Theme used

I would like to know the theme, add-on or the color schemes that Mosh used when recording Mastering Git video course.

Could anyone tell me?
Thank you so much.

He uses something similar to Powerlevel10k, which is a theme for Zsh. I love the themes that Mosh uses! :eyeglasses: :grinning: :sparkling_heart:

UPDATE: He mentions in The Ultimate Git Course, “Browsing History (44m)” section, part “10- Finding Bugs Using Bisect” (54 seconds into the video) that “your terminal window might look different from what we have here because I’m on Mac and I have Zsh with Git Plug-in installed.”

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How could we install this Zsh on Windows ?
And is there any picture to show us how it will be look like in Windows 10 ?

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I use both Mac and Windows. However, I’ve never done it for Windows.

Out of curiosity, I started searching around to see who’s done it. There are several people who have installed it by first installing the Windows Subsystem for Linux; installing a Linux distro and terminal; installing oh-my-zsh; And, finally installing several plugins and configuring zsh with Powerlevel10k.

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I tried these steps before and i didn’t get a proper result, but thanks for the response :heart:

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Hi @A100D-JS, I was watching Mosh’s Git course and noticed that he recommended using Posh Git for Windows. Have you tried it? Were you able to find another solution?

Source: The Ultimate Git Course, “Branching” section, part 4 “working with branches”, at 0:38 seconds into the video.

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I think so, but i don’t know which resource i should use to get a proper result. :disappointed:

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If you’re on a Mac this zsh Powerlevel10k YouTube video gets iTerm2 pretty close to Mosh’s, but it’s not quite identical (or I simply haven’t found the proper setting). Good luck!

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Thank you, but i’m using windows

Finally i was able to fix a lot of issue to get this result. :tired_face:

These 3 links was very helpful :


For anyone interested, I managed to get it close enough - I have uploaded my iTerm theme, fonts and powerlevel10k setup to Github:

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Terminal like Mosh in Windows tutorial

Hi guys, I have been researching for about a week and got 90% close to Mosh’s terminal. The tutorial is here.

I struggled for two days straight to find an answer to the question…
Here’s the end result :slight_smile:

And this is on windows btw, did it with enabling linux subsystem and all