Video does not resize

Great content! One complaint,… The video section on the page does not autosize to fit into the browser. The only way that I could see to achieve that is to maximise the video section to fill the entire browser. But after each lecture the window is reset to the normal size again.

The default behaviour is to size to fill the page horizontally. It should size to fill te page vertically instead.

Just a FYI this forum is based on “discourse”.

@muneeb It’s not about the forum, it’s about the learning platform

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It’s no biggy… Just a little annoying if you are trying to follow along with VSCode on the one screen and the course on the other. Every time Mosh moves his mouse to the top you have stop what you’re doing, move the mouse to the other screen, scroll the video up so that his mouse is in view and then move back to VSCode again only to repeat 30 seconds later when he moves his mouse to the bottom of his screen and the bottom of the video is then out of view.

My monitor is an ultra-wide one, which means it is a lot wider than it is high, so about 20-30% of the video content is hidden if I don’t switch it to full screen.