How can I close the TOC sidebar?


Does anyone know how to close the table of contents so I can have more screen real estate for the videos?


you can click full screen on the bottom right

Thanks for your reply @lucidlear.

The problem with that is that it exits full screen after each chapter (when watching on autoplay.) But looks like there’s no other way.

Hi Laz! I’m sorry you’ve had difficulty viewing the courses. We’ve taken notes on this issue and will be working on it. I cannot give you a timeframe but it’s definitely under my radar. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved very soon! Thank you for your patience.

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it’s very annoying.
I typically don’t have problem with the sidebar but the video frame. It just gets truncated when you don’t have set video to full screen.

Either left bar needs to close
the video display frame should be smaller to see the whole content.

We’ve addressed this issue. More details here:

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