Is it possible to close the course content panel when watching the video?

The course platform seems limited compared to other course sites I am member of, e.g. Udemy.

For example:

  1. There does not appear to be a way to close the left hand side course content panel when watching a video unless you make the video full screen. Other sites have an “expanded video view” that takes up the full browser window but not the full screen. Am I missing something here as it seems an obvious requirement to be able to close the course content panel.

  2. Would be nice to scrub backwards 30 seconds or forward 30 seconds in case you miss something and then can quickly go back and then forwards again.

  3. Would be nice to be able to take markdown notes applicable to the specific video you are watching and export the notes.

  4. Nice to bookmark a section of the video, with a recorded timestamp, and be able to create a link to this that you can put in your notes.

All these things I can do on other sites.