Video 5-HTML Basics of Web Development Fundamentals

I am watching video 5-HTML basics of Web Development fundamentals. I downloaded the appropriate extensions (prettier and live server)
My screen looks different, and doesn’t have the Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 8.43.56 PM he has in his. Also at the :56 second mark of the video when he types in < and the !DOCTYPE html comes up as a suggestion didn’t happen for me. I typed < and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong? Above are screenshots of my screen and screen shots of his screen. (Also that my screen is white is intentional, just thought I should add that in case anyone thought that was my problem)

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the icon is just an icon pack you can search it up on the extensions marketplace and for the snippet you need to type ! for the HTML boilerplate to come up

Use the themes that Mosh using

  1. Community Material Theme
  2. Material Icon Theme

Is that going to solve my problem though of it not autofilling though? the visual stuff was just to see if I am missing something visually that would cause it not to autofill, I don’t really care about the aesthetics unless they are indicators of something functional

I tried typing the ! it still didn’t work.

Installed both of those, it didn’t make a difference

thats strange try to type something random than delete evrything type ! wait abit to see if the suggestion window comes up

I am a super newbie and don’t know what I would type for that…Can you give some suggestions?

nevermind I found whats wrong you need to name your file something.html I mean it needs to end in .html once done type ! wait a sec so the suggestion window comes up and then hit enter or tab

Your status bar says that the file type is “plain text”. Change that to “HTML”.

Thanks, How do I do that?

Click it… But normally VS Code autodetects the file type.

Thank you! That worked!