Css changes won't show on live server

Hi all,

I started the beginners html/css course. I have no prior knowledge whatsoever. I think it’s the reason I can’t figure out why suddenly the css code does not show on the live server. For a lesson, he created a box. It does not show on my website, but it’s the exact same lines of code! The weird thing is that html changes do show on the website such as hi, title and so on.

Did this happen to anyone else? I did not change anything to my windows or VSCode.

Edit: Solved! I followed the lessons, but he only shows the lower part of his html code since he usually starts in the body. In a previous lesson, you have to link your css code to the correct folder and file. Make sure you reproduce that line of code whenever you start over!

Hey have you linked your css to your html doc?
Maybe that will help

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Yup! That was the issue actually. I already edited my post that I solved it. Thanks for helping out!