VSCode help me guys

Hello guys why when I try to run my Html file open it on chrome they can’t find it on google chrome it said “This site can’t be reached” ? Anyone can help me.

  1. go to extension in visual studio code.
  2. Install Live Server.
  3. Then right click on your HTML code and select open with live server.
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Thank you so much. I think I forgot to install this extension, because before it was working and after I delete my html file to practice new one. It didn’t work now. I will try this, thank you.

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hey man do you have access to “html and css course part 2”. I’m having issue with mine I’m not able to download the ‘layout exercise zip’ can you help me with this can you upload the zip file here or send me in my email : level1cr3@gmail.com

I’m not on part 2 yet. Would be nice to connect with you. Do you have whatsapp or Facebook. Can send me direct message .

I don’t use facebook. you can message me here if you want any time.

why when i click run code to my VS, the page still didnt found. but, when i click open with live server it actually working… might be problem to my folder path.

Based on your screenshot you have only entered the filename, not the folder path.
Also the ‘/’ after the filename is wrong.

Open Microsoft File Explorer, go to the correct folder en double click on lucin.html. Now the file should open in the browser.

I don’t get it, when i double click the html file its actually working. but when i try to run the code. it didnt run and still " This site can’t be reached". im not sure how come does the / was there.

So if I understand the html page works when:
a) From VSCode with live server
b) When double click on the html file.

What do you mean with “try to run the code”?

before i dont have live server, i only have code runner. then its working. then when i delete the html file and create new one, the new one didn’t work. When i double click the html file it still working. but when i click the coderunner, it didn’t work i think i need to change the file location.

Never heard of Code Runner.
I use VSCode with Live Server.

its one of recommended extension in VScode but i disable it as im not familiar with the configuration. right now i use the live server instead… Thank you so much for your help.

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