Update expo sdk version

hi, I’m enroll in the course " The Ultimate React Native Series: Fundamentals"
I’ve tried to launch the code that has been given by Mosh(Section 6- Input Components/end) on my IOS simulator, and I receive this error"the project you requested users Expo SDK v37.0.0…" . And I’d like to know how to update my expo version.
Here is the things’ve already tried:

  • expo update
  • change the version of expo on my .json file (kinda desperate I know)
    And I think, it’s not a bug from my simulator because it has worked on other projects that I have created.

If you have any idea how to solve this bug, feel free to give me an hint, thank you :=)


Ps: sorry for my English, it’s not my “native” language

In the terminal, if you try

npm install expo@latest

does that update your project’s version of expo?