Three questions

  1. How fast can I upload a responsive front end website if I know only Html, Css and javascript?

2.How can I get free web hosting?

  1. How can I transfer website ownership to someone else?
  1. Are you asking how fast you can build a full website from scratch? It seriously depends on how complex the website needs to be. A very simple website could be made and hosted in a day. A very complicated website may take months or longer to get all of that functionality built from scratch. Usually we do not build websites from scratch just using HTML, CSS and JavaScript these days; we leverage frameworks (eg. Angular, Flutter, React) that do considerable heavy lifting for us. Those will significantly reduce the cost to start up a brand new website.
  2. Free hosting usually means you have a particular set of pages in someone else’s domain (eg. and there are often restrictions on the content you actually can host there. You also typically “pay” for these “free” hosting setups by allowing them to inject ads into your website. They are reasonably easy to find with a Google search.
  3. Transferring ownership is most likely dependent on where you are hosting. I am reasonably sure that any legitimate hosting service will have documentation on how to transfer ownership. In the simplest case, this is probably as easy as going to a settings page and changing the email address used for the owner.

Good luck!

We could probably help you more if we knew what you are trying to build. I would think that building a website is generally not the focus. What problems are you trying to solve might be the better question, so you know which type of website you need to build.


I guess that maybe you are trying to work on a website for a client to whom you would transfer ownership for delivery.
What about having the client take ownership from the get go and just access it while you’re working on it ?