New comer in coding

Hello guys, I am Elizabeth and I am totally new to coding, I just purchased this course and will appreciate any advice or any help on how to get the best of it. And i really need to get something useful within 30Days

I really can’t advise on how to get the best from the course except to go through the course. Although I would suggest determining what your overall goal is. Are you trying to get a job as a Front End Web Developer?

You mentioned something useful within 30 days. What happens in 30?

Hi Dan, thanks for the response. Yes I am trying to get a job as a Frontend developer. And for the 30 days it’s like a target given to myself to get a hang of course so I’m able to know if it’s something I’d be interested in continuing or not.

Hi Elizabeth, got it, thanks. I haven’t gone too far into the course yet. I decided to change my path which involves WordPress and Divi. That’s great that your headed for Front End Web Dev. Others here who have gone all the way through the course could probably advise better. As for how to get the best of the course, it seems to me that most of the learning happens from being curious and looking things up. A course might mention something like Semantic HTML or CSS animation, but then searching out the documentation and trying things out will probably yield better results than just taking a course by itself. I purchased Hoverify and then spent time looking at how sites are constructed, as an example. I wish I could be more help in this area but I don’t know all that much myself.

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