Suggest Best Recourses to learn JavaScript

Hello all, i am new to learn JavaScript and want to learn it from the scratch, i search on the Internet about the best java script courses, i visited udemy and Coursera and saw there are many javascript courses listed, i am very confused to which one to choose, can anyone please suggest me the best javascript course for a beginner, and also please suggest the best books as well.

Thank you


Welcome to the community.

That’s an odd question to ask on a forum related to a great teacher.
I mean personally I love how Mosh teaches so even though I did not take the JS course in here, I would definitely recommend him.

Now on a more global note, it is up to you to check if Mosh or anyone else teaching style suits you. Often, courses have free sample lectures. Mosh also often have a free condensed version of the course on YouTube. You may check that before.


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Thank you for the reply, i also search this on the internet and i found this post on the internet about the javascript books, i order:

1.Eloquent JavaScript : A Modern Introduction to Programming.
2.JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development
3.JavaScript: The Good Parts
these books from amazon, and i found this 1: course on the internet and found this is for the beginners and i can enroll and start learning, please suggest to me any other JavaScript course for beginners.

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