Guiding a 16 year old

Hello I am Sohan, I am planning to Enroll in the Java script course , but once I search in the website there were a lot of courses , i am unable to understand which one to choose and Enroll with , i am trying to get help from past 2 days as it was weekend i dint get any reply back …
Plz guide me to choose the write course as there were a bunch of courses listed on the site

Hello Sohan,

Below are courses on JavaScript and they are meant to be taken in order for someone new to JavaScript. I notice some of the people in the courses think the courses will include working with the DOM, which they do not. You will be working in the console and focusing on the JavaScript language. The course has a few smaller exercises, but no larger projects. This is not a negative aspect to me, but something you should know. You might start your own project and apply what you have learned as you go.

  1. Ultimate JavaScript Part 1: Fundamentals | Code with Mosh

  2. Ultimate JavaScript Part 2: Advanced Topics | Code with Mosh

This is a package of the two courses put together.
The Ultimate JavaScript Series | Code with Mosh

Below are some other good technical resources that you could use to supplement your studies through and after the courses. They both cover more topics like DOM manipulation, RegEx, and requests.

JavaScript Tutorial
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial