Resources for practicing what you teach in tutorials

Hi, I have enrolled for ‘Complete Python Mastery’ from ‘Code With Mosh’. Your tutorials are great but I don’t see any chance or resources for practicing what you teach in tutorials. My question is should I just follow your lecture one after another or I should do some exercise for each lecture? And where can I get the exercises for practice?

Welcome mohhsin! If you are looking for a great resource for practicing just about any language out there, I highly recommend which is full of programming exercises for just about any language (and they do have a Python track). You can even get optional mentoring over there (or just practice on your own and check out community solutions). Best of all - it is 100% free to use so you can always check it out and decide for yourself if it is a valuable resource.

Thank you. But I was looking for resources from ‘code with mosh’. If I have to look for another website for exercise than why would I even pay here. It’s a paid course. They must keep some resources for exercise, so that students can practice after every video tutorial. I am greatly regretting for enrolling here.

I do not own the Python course specifically so I can only speak generally about the courses I do own. Mosh typically has included exercises at the end of every “section” in the series. I assume he has set it up similar to the other courses he offers so the course will consist of several sections which will have a number of videos in each section. In the Angular course, there were some exercises in the middle of long sections as well as at the end in the form of videos giving instructions and then a followup video giving the solution. In the Git course, there was a PDF of exercise instructions followed by a solution PDF.

Furthermore, it is also common to follow along with what Mosh is doing to get some practice. If nothing else, it seems to me that you could watch the videos in a section then go back to the start and check if you could produce the same end result without following along.

Also, if Mosh has not included exercises embedded in the Python course, you can always ask if Mosh is willing to add some (you can @ mention codewithmosh and programmingwithmosh).

Because there is a difference between learning and practice. It seems reasonable to me to be able to learn a skill from one resource (eg. codewithmosh) and practice using that skill using a different resource (eg. exercism). In the professional programming world this is quite common since you often have to use external resources to learn certain skills and then apply them in your work.

If you do not like the style of instruction, that is up to you and you are free to spend your money elsewhere. Personally, I find Mosh’s video instruction to be some of the best available (and I have had quite a sampling over the past decade), but you must choose whatever instruction system works best for you.