Using Python Mastery Course Properly After Completing the Free YouTube Course

I know similar questions have been asked but I wasn’t able to get a satisfactory answer to my question so I would really appreciate the help! I hope this can help others in the same situation, too.

I am very near completion of Mosh’s free 6 hour YouTube ‘Python For Beginners’ course and have been finding it great, so I plan to purchase and start the Python Mastery Course.

As I understand the Python Mastery Course contains the content of the YouTube course, plus many helpful extra lessons.

My question is: Am I able to skip over lessons or whole sections that I have already covered in the YouTube course (if so, which lessons and sections?), or do I have to go through all of the lessons which means largely going over content that I have already completed? If this is the case, this seems like quite an inefficient way of doing things so I’m not sure if the course will be worth it (time-wise more so than money-wise).

Any answers, thoughts or advice that you think may be helpful would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!

Thank you for asking the question, I am also having the same question.