Mastery courses

I’ve finished 6-hours -free course “Python Tutorial - Python Full Course for Beginners” over youtube.It’s just brilliant and super confortable for us.
I’ve also found there’s another mastery tutorial called “Python mastery course”. So here comes the question:
-------What’s the difference between 2 tutorials? Is “Python Mastery Course” totally a new courses in terms of content or they are almost the same courses?
anybody knows that?

Thanks very much

I replied to someone else with the exact same thing but here:

In the course there are a lot of new things that you will learn, in the YouTube version of the course, there are some parts missing and most of them will be very interesting to learn and are basically very helpful extras, I prefer you to buy it if you have the time and interest to learn Python, it is really fun and also filled with various different exercises for everyone.

Thanks very much/ca march. :grinning: