Resources: Conditonal Solutions

I have just completed Section 42 of the C# basics videos. The next step is exercises in code writing, but when I try to download the Resources/Conditonal Solutions, it doesn’t open up in any program. What should it be?


Can you tell us what is the filetype for those resources?

should have .cs at least and likely .csproj. If not then likely it is just a text file with code and you need to do a bit of work to build and run.


It doesn’t list a file type actually.

Oh yeah
I think similar issue happened on other courses and it is actually a zip file.

Try adding the extension.

Should you use file explorer make sure you display them.
Otherwise it may keep the original extension while giving the illusion you renamed the file correctly.


This what I talk about


That worked perfectly; thank you. I should’ve thought of that myself!