Not being able to view exercise solution for html and css part 1 after unzipping

I downloaded the zip file that mosh places at the end of the exercise and I extracted it. Its _MACOSX folder (im on a pc, dont know if that matters) , inside theres

Solutions (file folder)

Exercise PDF (Microsoft Edge PDF Document)

._Solutions (_SOLUTIONS file)

On VSCode, I open the folder within “Solutions (file folder)” called “table”

and in VSCode it says “The file will not be displayed in the editor because it is either binary, very large or uses an unsupported text encoding”

I see the guy on here that says “You’re suppose to unzip it !” so, I believe I did unzip it, but can someone atleast send me the code used for the html and css for the table and box, i just want to see how he did certain things. thank you

Ignore the __MACOSX-folder. The folders and files you are interested in are extracted to the folder the __MACOSX folder is in.

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thanks for the input, I’m trying to open the folders and files inside, each one I try to open, it still says the same thing on VSCode

I tried opening
“Solution” folder
and each of the contents inside.

Can you provide a screenshot?