Exercise solution Part2

Hi There,
I need your guidance please?? how can i see the ‘HTML’ solution code for the exercises at the end of Part2? when i unzip the file for PhotoGallery exercise, I can view CSS Style Code but i can’t view the HTML code. Is there a way to view the whole solution? Thanks

What do you mean by “can’t view”?

HI Sam,
I can’t find the HTML solution code (or the index.html code) . when I extract the solution folder, i get the style.css & normalize.css. Not sure what i’m missing but can you tell me where can i find the HTML -solution code for the exercises i.e. something similar to style.css (CSS solution code) attachement? thanks

The index.html is one level up from the css files.

Hi Sam,
I did mention that i’m new to all of this - thanks for being patient -:slight_smile:
referring to your screen shoot, when i click on the css folder, i see ‘styles file’ and ‘normalize file’. If i click on the styles file, i get the styles.css codes used i.e.
.gallery {
display: grid;
grid-gap: 10px;
} … and so on.

the question is, where can i find the “file” that shows me the html solution to the exercise ? that is the HTML solution for the exercises similar to the following:

(NOTE: below is my HTML solution code and i want to compare with Mosh’s solution code)

**DOCTYPE html>


Is your problem that the index.html is opened in your browser and you see the rendered output instread of the source code?

If so, you can right click the index.html, “Open With” and choose an editor for a quick glance. Or you can open the unzipped folder in VS Code with File/Open Folder to study the solution as a whole.

Hi Sam,
Thanks… It was able to unzip the folder in VS. Thanks again