Python suggestion

My experience in 4- Searching for Businesses.
I wasted about ten minutes trying to figure out why the Mosh setup at the beginning of the video did not have the same results.

The answer: A previous Mosh class, in the same course, the files in some other directory were used, and needed to be removed/renamed/etc.

Consternation: The intro for this section says that if you get in trouble, then check and recheck that you follow the Mosh steps exactly. If not, and you get an error message, then use a search engine to locate the answer. Well, this problem does not apply to the two suggestions given by Mosh.

How I solved the problem. I used windows explorer to locate the pipfile and pipfile.lock used in a previous lecture, then renamed them both the old (pipfile-old, and pipfile-old.lock). Then, I re-ran the lecture steps and it worked.

Suggestion: Instruct the student to rename the prior lecture pipfiles, or delete them, or add that to the suggestions in case there is trouble.