Problems Docker course on Windows 11

I have just started on the course, and I am really frustrated. I am using windowss 11, and a lot I have serious problems making things work, since all commands are refered to linux and linux file system. I have some knowledge on Linux, so I have tried to run the course on a Raspberry Pi, but it is dead slow compared to my Windows 11 installation. I have also tried on Hyper-V setting up different Linux distributions, but I run into problems with user privileges.

In fact I want to run on Windows 11, and if it is not possible to make this work, then I have to ask for a refund.

I have read the post on how to make the course work on Windows 11, but there is only information on what to do, not how to do it. I have been working with windows for several years, but I know nothing about Phyton, and I don’t know if I should install this on VS Code or on windows. I have tried to find how to change the interpretter paht for Phyton, but it does not work, and I don’t even know what Phython extentions I should install.

My goal for the course is to be able to connect from a container running Node-Red to another container running sqlite, but I cannot find the right syntax for Windows, and I refuse to give in and install Linux on my system instead.

Can someone give me an advice on what to do AND how to do it?

Best regards

Ulf H.