Problems Docker course on Windows 11

I have just started on the course, and I am really frustrated. I am using windowss 11, and a lot I have serious problems making things work, since all commands are refered to linux and linux file system. I have some knowledge on Linux, so I have tried to run the course on a Raspberry Pi, but it is dead slow compared to my Windows 11 installation. I have also tried on Hyper-V setting up different Linux distributions, but I run into problems with user privileges.

In fact I want to run on Windows 11, and if it is not possible to make this work, then I have to ask for a refund.

I have read the post on how to make the course work on Windows 11, but there is only information on what to do, not how to do it. I have been working with windows for several years, but I know nothing about Phyton, and I don’t know if I should install this on VS Code or on windows. I have tried to find how to change the interpretter paht for Phyton, but it does not work, and I don’t even know what Phython extentions I should install.

My goal for the course is to be able to connect from a container running Node-Red to another container running sqlite, but I cannot find the right syntax for Windows, and I refuse to give in and install Linux on my system instead.

Can someone give me an advice on what to do AND how to do it?

Best regards

Ulf H.

As for Docker and Node-Red, it’s essential to ensure you’re using the correct syntax and commands. The Docker documentation and online tutorials can provide step-by-step guidance for your specific use case.

And also…to make things work on Windows 11, you might want to consider using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This allows you to run a Linux distribution alongside Windows. With WSL, you can practice Docker commands and work with Linux-based systems without the performance issues of a Raspberry Pi.

Regarding Python, it’s not directly related to Docker, but if you need it for your work, you can install Python either on Windows or on WSL, depending on your preference.

If you ever need Windows keys for your computer, you can explore budget-friendly windows keys reddit options. Don’t give up on your goals, and keep exploring the possibilities with Docker.

I’d recommend giving it another shot on Windows 11. You mentioned Python and VS Code - both are versatile tools that can help bridge the gap between Windows and Linux. Make sure you have Python installed on your Windows 11 and set up your environment properly. You might need to configure the PATH variable.

As for connecting containers running Node-Red and SQLite, it’s doable on Windows too. You’ll need to use Docker, which is compatible with Windows, and set up your containers there.

If you’re still facing issues, reach out to the course community or instructor for specific guidance. They should be able to provide step-by-step instructions for Windows users.

And if you’re adamant about sticking with Windows 11 but need a more streamlined experience, consider a legit Windows 11 Pro license from It might offer better compatibility.