Please who has the pdf by mosh

The pdf on how to move my django project to windows wsl


Can it help you with your problem ?

It did to some extend, thank you, but I already have my
work done on windows and need to migrate
to linux(wsl) to be able to use some libraries and components,
Thats why I am looking for the pdf given Mosh in django series part 3 “redis and windows”

Wouldn’t the section Sharing code between Windows and Linux help with that matter?
You could also use GIT online repo such as GitHub or GitLab to push and pull your code.

I realy appreciate that you are trying to help, thanks.

I taking the django part 3 where I’m at the
celery and windows video. Moving to wsl, how would i still be able to use datagrip, mysql and other libraries and dependencies intalled on windows.