Npm start - no error but blank screen

Now I’m studying Mosh React JS Mastering / 5. Pagination, Filtering, Sorting / 22. Sorting - Unique Keys.

Please see the attached screenshot. No error in my terminal. But the browser screen is blank. It is the package.json file.

I’m using Win 10, 64 bit - Node JS 14.17.6

Before I’ve tried with these steps:
Step 1: Run: npm cache clean --force
Step 2: Delete node_modules folder (Or run this command: rm -rf node_modules)
Step 3: Delete package-lock.json file
Step 4: Run: npm install
But not work. So after I’ve installed a fresh React app and copied src folder in the newly installed project.

Another React App is working fine on my computer. I’ve uploaded files here in Github.

How I can solve the issue?

You are recursively rendering your MoviesTable component in your moviesTable.jsx, so the page never loads.

return (<table className="table">
        columns={ this.columns }
        onSort={ onSort }
        sortColumn={ sortColumn }
    <MoviesTable data={ movies } />

You’ll see that if you remove the MoviesTable line, the page will load. You won’t see the movie list so you may need to make a separate component for that.