Trouble Getting Starting With React

Hi There!

I’m getting started with react but when I create the new app like in the video (create-react-app react-app) I get the folder with the node modules and the package.json files but not all the other files.

Also when run npm run in the console nothing happens (assuming its because I didn’t get the other files generated therefore missing the script “run”.

I thought this was just an issue with my Mac so i tried on my windows PC but had the same results.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
Thank you!!

Hi A100D-JS,

Thank you for the reply, I greatly appreciate it!

You should also be able to run ‘yarn start’ and you should see the spinning React logo in a new tab in your default browser.

Hi there,

What command did you run to install the create-react-app package ?


Hi, is this working for you now ?