Node.js Course Update?

Are there any plans to update the Node.js course?

The current course is extremely detailed but unfortunately much of the syntax and package behaviour has changed. This means continually stopping the course and referring to the docs (i know this is necessary in real life but ideally not while learning a new concept).

I finished the course but feel like I left a lot undone. I would love to go further with Node if there is an update coming, or if anyone can recommend a more recent course?




I have no idea what and when it is updated. But it for sure takes time.

You apparently did the effort to look for extra infos to get unstuck and that is all to your credit. Congrats.

I do not know the content of the Node.js course but I would suggest you compare what you learned with the Node.js official guides (or any other resource you may find useful).

Then you may go further with going with the docs.

The thing is you’d better start your own project and learn as it goes.

Best luck.

Am just starting the course. Does anyone know the software used in development the course material. I am working on a Junior School Mathematics course.