Are JS courses up to date?

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so a big HELLO to everyone contributing. :slight_smile:

My question is, are JS and node.js courses up to date? I like Mr. Hamedani’s teaching style and interested in these courses. When I checked their last update time on Udemy, I noticed they were lasr updated on 1st quarter of 2018.

So, are they up to date? Do you recommend?

I would say that the JavaScript Basics for Beginners and the JavaScript OOP courses are fairly up-to-date, even though in the OOP course, Mosh teaches the “old-school” prototypical inheritance. Luckily, Mosh also has the ES6 section in the OOP course, which is what you’ll see much more of in the “real-world” of JavaScript these days.

For me, the Node.js course gave me a hard time since a lot of npm packages that were used were somewhat outdated and I ended up having to read the current documentation on those npm packages to learn how to properly use them.

All in all, if you are willing to do some research of your own when you run into versioning issues, you’ll be fine.

Good luck!