NextJS PlanetScale Alternative

Since PlanetScale removed their free tier, I was hoping to alternatives to their service. I tried quite a few but they’re all producing errors during deployment that I cannot fix or find solutions to. Anyone else currently facing the same problem or have experience using different mysql service providers? Thank you

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I understand the inconvenience caused by PlanetScale removing their free tier. Here are some alternatives that you might consider for your NextJS project:

Supabase: It’s a popular alternative that offers a Postgres SQL database with a generous free tier and is compatible with Prisma. This is a Postgres database that can be configured to work with Prisma. It’s been recommended for its ease of use.

Turso: While it’s not a MySQL provider (it’s libSQL), users have reported positive experiences after switching from PlanetScale.

Xata: They offer a free tier with 15 GB of storage and have documentation for integrating with Prisma.

AWS SQL Database: Some users have moved to AWS’s SQL database, which also has a free tier available.

I hope the information may helps you.

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