Errors when deploying to Vercel - Next.js Projects: Build an Issue Tracker

I am having error when deploying the app as below image

And on database on planetscale in the migrations table i see

below is my schema

// This is your Prisma schema file,
// learn more about it in the docs:

generator client {
  provider = "prisma-client-js"

datasource db {
  provider = "mysql"
  url      = env("DATABASE_URL")
  relationMode = "prisma"

model Issue {
  id              Int      @id @default(autoincrement())
  title           String   @db.VarChar(255)
  description     String   @db.Text
  Status          Status   @default(OPEN)
  createdAt       DateTime @default(now())
  updatedAt       DateTime @updatedAt
  assignedToUserId String?  @db.VarChar(255)
  assignedToUser  User?    @relation(fields: [assignedToUserId], references: [id])

enum Status {

model Account {
  id                String  @id @default(cuid())
  userId            String
  type              String
  provider          String
  providerAccountId String
  refresh_token     String? @db.Text
  access_token      String? @db.Text
  expires_at        Int?
  token_type        String?
  scope             String?
  id_token          String? @db.Text
  session_state     String?
  user User @relation(fields: [userId], references: [id], onDelete: Cascade)
  @@unique([provider, providerAccountId])

model Session {
  id           String   @id @default(cuid())
  sessionToken String   @unique
  userId       String
  expires      DateTime
  user         User     @relation(fields: [userId], references: [id], onDelete: Cascade)

model User {
  id             String    @id @default(cuid())
  name           String?
  email          String?   @unique
  emailVerified  DateTime?
  image          String?
  accounts       Account[]
  sessions       Session[]
  assignedIssues Issue[]

model VerificationToken {
  identifier String
  token      String   @unique
  expires    DateTime

  @@unique([identifier, token])