Deploying to vercel error

Error: Command “prisma generate && prisma migrate deploy && next build” exited with 1

iam facing this error please help me to solve it ?

The link in the error output leads to this page talking about failed migrations. Migration troubleshooting in development

From the page:

A migration might fail if:

  • You modify a migration before running it and introduce a syntax error
  • You add a mandatory (NOT NULL) column to a table that already has data
  • The migration process stopped unexpectedly
  • The database shut down in the middle of the migration process

Are any of those a possibility? For instance, have you manually edited any migration files? Or have you “made a change to a Prisma schema that cannot be applied to a database with data (for example, a mandatory column in a table with data)?”

The same issue for me, Are you solved this?

I also have the same issue… any one was abble to solve it? i have researching the solution for about 4 hrs and cant find…

The only modification i did was Deleting the migration folder and and add “relationMode =“prisma”” as show in Mosh’s video