Issue while deploy app to Versel

Error: P3009
migrate found failed migrations in the target database, new migrations will not be applied. Read more about how to resolve migration issues in a production database:
The `20231028163419_add_user_models` migration started at 2023-10-30 06:59:07.702 UTC failed

I delete Prisma migration folder and create a fresh migration but still not working for me also after i changed relation mode to prisma it will show some errors in code editor.

 assignedToUser   User?    @relation(fields: [assignedToUserId], references: [id])

Hi! Were you able to solve the problem? I am running into the same problem right now

Hi there, I met this problem as well, were you able to solve this problem?

I am having the same issue, I’m not sure if it’s because my free trial of Data Grips ran out, was this the case for you guys also?