Any success in setting up a Prod DB somewhere other than Planet Scale?

(I posted this as a response to a post warning that PlanetScale’s free tier is going away, but posting here for a higher chance of visibility)

Has anyone succeeded in converting to any of these? I’ve tried, and failed. Im a noob to backend too so my instincts suck.

TLDR: in order to use the postges dbs, do we need to convert the project to using postgres instead of mysql?

My specific context: (can you tell me what im doing wrong?)
I’m new to backend development and attempted using vercels postrgess database storage instead of planet scale, and was trying to follow along with this tutorial. I tried using this database without converting the prisma datasource provider from mysql to postgres. I thought they would be interchangable based on how people talked about them, but maybe thats not how it works with prisma.

I’ve gotten just about to the very end and am hitting this error whenever building in vercel:
Environment variable not found: POSTGRES_URL_NON_POOLING.- a variable thats provided by vercel on product connection to the vercel database. So it’s there, but when I reference it in my prisma.schema datasource db object, and vercel builds, the value isn’t found. It’s like the project isnt connected to the database, even though I can confirm its there through vercel.

My guess is I need to do the conversion to postrgres for the entire project, but that’s just a shot in the dark. Anyone have any wisdom on the subject?