mySQL installation problems

Hello everyone! I am completely new to mySQL and I am following the steps to install for Windows. When I try to install I get a different screen to the one that Mosh gets, and then when I click “next” it shows me the following:

I have had a look on Stack Overflow etc to try and resolve, but it suggests uninstalling and reinstalling but I have already done this to no avail.

I have already got elements of SQL on my computer because I have pycharm and django, and that’s the only thing I can think is that maybe somehow these are causing an issue because of conflicting settings or something?

Please help! I really want to get going with this course but I can’t do anything if I can’t get past the initial installation lol.



I am no expert, but i think you may need to install the requirements manually in the previous step(check requirements).

→ uninstall/re-install
→ Setup Type - ‘Full’
→ Click ‘Execute’ on check requirements screen
→ manually install any requirements marked ‘manual’

Hope this helps

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Hi Keelo,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for replying to me! I managed to get it installed in the end, but had to have help from a friend with lots of experience. I am not sure if they followed what you suggested or not, but they did seem perplexed by what my machine was doing!

Thank you!

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You’re welcome! Happy to help! Glad you managed to get it installed.