Unable to install MySQL on my PC

I just purchased the course “Complete SQL Mastery” and when I was following the video about installing MySQL community server on my PC I couldn’t install it on my Windows PC. Kindly help me. The steps shown in the video were not matching with the steps I was trying.

Hi Amit. Can you perhaps post the error messages you receive here?

Thanks for the reply but I have now installed MySQL on my PC successfully.

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Please how did you resolve this problem. The version there MySQL Installer 8.0.27

Sorry, Dechis I don’t remember exactly how my problem was solved. I am also a beginner and don’t know any details. But I think Googling the error you get can solve your problem or even searching on youtube. I am sorry I couldn’t help you.

Hi Amit, I am also new here. How is the course going? I don’t have installation issue. I am just looking for e-study buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

The course is going well. But I am focussing more on Java right now. I would also like to be your friend. keep Posting

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