Issues during Installing MySQL on windows

Hey dears, I need your support to understand my issue.

So let me explain first what’s going on:
I had some problems with connection of DB to the VS Code during the Django lessons, but I had already installed MySQL a couple of months before I started Django because I did some SQL DATABASE lessons as well.

So having issues with the connection with VS Code, i thought maybe it was better to uninstall MySQL and to reinstall it.
Unfortunately here I ended up with a huge mess, now when I start to reinstall MySQL, I’m getting a lot of errors, from the very beginning of the installation.

  1. I get the first alert, when I start to install: the path already exists (inside Program Files).
    Even if I delete the MYSQL folder manually, I still get that alert.

  2. So I go further and choose the same folder that will rewrite the Path.

  3. Once installed MySQL, it doesn’t connect at all, before I remember when I used to test the connection it always connected, now I’m getting error because can’t connect with the given port IP address etc… I don’t remember now the texts of the errors but I’ll attach the screenshots of every error.

Could you please suggest me what I have to do and how I can install MySQL properly, because it’s been three days that I install and uninstall it about ten times ending up with the same errors (((
At the end I regretted to have uninstalled the existing MySQL that was working very well.

I would highly appreciate your help and time!!

Thank you in advance