MY SQL installer won't download

I had SQL install but had to uninstall it because I kept getting an error message to install sql-visual studio 2015,2017,2019.
Now that I re-install it. I’m getting this message:

It is exhausting trying to figure this one out. Can some one help?


  1. uninstall MySQL again :roll_eyes:
  2. Go to where the MySQL folder is located and delete any remaining folders. The path in my computer is… C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL so, something like this will be in yours.
  3. Restart computer
  4. Follow Mosh’s instruccions step by step.

Let me know how it goes.

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@noremac55 Hi, do you fix it? How?
I don’t have workbrench in list.


It is really annoying. I uninstall SQL. But it just download the same. With an error message.

Just to be clear: you are getting this installer, right?

Yes. But when I go to install it I keep getting the message to reconfigure - MySQL server.

I don’t see a single error message in the thread. “Reconfigure” is not an error message, it’s a quick action that’s supposed to be there.

Judging from your screenshots you have not installed MySQL Workbench which you need for the course. So klick on “Add…” and select the latest version of MySQL Workbench from the “Applications” tree to install it.

Thank you for your response. If this is quick action and is suppose to be there. Then when I click to begin SQL ; why do I get this on the screen:

I did un-install and re-install several times.

This is what I get when I open MySQL Workbench:
“No Connection Established”.

I can’t execute anything.
This is what I get:

Make sure that your server is running (Task Manager, Services tab, MYSQL80). If it doesn’t start, check the event log for error messages and google them.

Can anyone tell me why do I keep getting this:

Can someone Tell me why I unistall My SQL 8.0 and tried re-istalling it again. But now another roadblock - " It won’t run."

I’m new to this and I thought by signing up for this course at least I would be able to get quick answers to problems and I’m not getting that.

I’m not happy with the results so far. If I can’t download My SQL what is the point?
I already ran through the entire course. I might as well jus stick with w3schools- It’s free anyhow.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. We’re a community of Mosh’s students, not a MySQL support forum.

Thanks for you faulty perception. But If you can’t render some support. You might as well hide behind the curtain.

I signed up to learn SQL. There should be more support than this. This is my opinion.
I belive we still live in a free world so far. I don’t need to hide behind a false image as my pic.


Did you restart your pc after installation?,631720,631720#msg-631720,631720,631805#msg-631805

Did you ask on the MySQL forum? They are the product specialists.

Thank you William for your response. I finally after many attempts got it to open.
After I downloaded the file . It did not run automatically so I had to install it manually. That I did not pick up on until I finally got some time to try and see what was going on.

Yet, I hit another road block where it is not connecting to the server. The file: Mysqld is not integrated with the other files downloaded. So, now I begin another quest to try and get this to execute.

Such is life. Filled with roadblocks. :.)

Also, This forum ask you to register and I’m not registered. Mosh stated that we don’t have to register intially. But Thank you.

Now I’m getting this. Still looking for answers. Thanks for any input in this.