[Mastering React Setup] Unable to install bootstrap! @4.1.1

Hey all, I just enrolled in the ‘Mastering React’ course and am following along but encountering an issue when trying to install bootstrap with the version that Mosh directed us to. I attached a screenshot below.

I’m a newbie so I’m unable to interpret any of the below…Can someone please help me? Also, isn’t there another way of importing bootstrap by adding a URL within the code? Is that a possible alternative in the issue below persists? Any help much appreciated.

After waiting for about an hour, it finally finished. Here’s the remainder of the output. I assumed it was stuck in a loop earlier but I guess it wasn’t.

You may need to install/re-install Xcode or the Xcode command line tools. Unless you need the full Xcode for something else, I recommend installing just the command line tools, because the full Xcode is gigantic. Typically to do so the command is:

xcode-select --install

But if you run into trouble check out this article.