Error in Installation of react

I subscribed to your courses and started"Mastering React". While creating the react-app, I see the following errors and the same with bootstrap. Find attached snippet.

It does not open the development server with npm i -g react-app my-app followed by create-react-app reactapp.

I already followed the subsequent instructions and that does not work.

Kindly facilitate me in this regard.

Current release of create-react-app is 5.0.1. I think 1.5 is just too old now. You can try repeating the installation steps from the beginning being very careful to make sure all your packages and libraries and everything you install is at about late 2018/early 2019 versions. This might enable you to recreate an environment such as it was 3-4 years ago. Or you can re-install everything but don’t follow Mosh’s instructions - follow up to date installation instructions you find by doing some research on how to install and use react. This is USUALLY how I do all the courses I take - I use up to date versions of everything and adjust as needed when I encounter differences (and possibly to downgrade a little bit if that is appropriate). It has the downside of putting the responsibility on you to figure out what to do when something is different than it used to be (for a large and fast moving framework like react this is more likely to be the case). But this is just how it is with software - solving issues with dependencies and upgrading responsibly is a hugely valuable skill so dig in and try different solutions until you find one that works.


Thank you for responding to my query. However, When I subscribed to the course that means I am being provided the solution or alternatives. Issue is that I am not very expert to install react with customization. The question is: Why selling an outdated thing that does not have a support. Even I installed the latest version but that does not support the syntax that mosh has shared. What is the use of this course if I have to do everything at my own. Subscription to courses mean saving time and avoiding distractions.

If you are having an issue with creating a react app, I found appending"–scripts-version=react-scripts@1.1.4" to the create then went ahead and created the project fine. It looks like this . . .

(your path here)>react> create-react-app react-app --scripts-version=react-scripts@1.1.4

Otherwise, I did everything the same as what you did